Susanne is a trusted advisor, liaison, representative and design advocate for her clients, who include busy and accomplished New York City executives and entrepreneurs. 

With a background at top tier New York City architecture and design firms, she brings the highest level of skill, knowledge and professionalism to New York City homeowner’s projects and assembles a professionally curated team of exclusive industry partners for each project. 

Susanne’s projects range from gut renovations to full-service furnishing. A unique design concept is conceived for each project, resulting in one-of-a-kind, personality-driven homes. 



This is the most robust, comprehensive, and common way we work with our clients.

We plan a beautiful artistic vision and then execute in full. We help our clients find the best consultants and contractors and check in throughout the duration of construction to make sure all is moving along appropriately. If the project scope requires, SFD will help connect you to a filing architect.

At the end of construction, we have all furnishings installed and turn over the keys to our happy clients.


This option is for you if you are working with an architect on a large renovation or new build and would also like to collaborate with SFD for furnishings and finishes.

Here, an architect spearheads the renovation efforts while SFD focuses on the artistic elements.

furnishings project with sfd

This option is for you if you'd like to furnish your home but don't require any construction work, or if you do, you are handling the construction aspects on your own.

Here, SFD helps you fully plan out your furnishings, purchases them and has them installed for you in as few as possible stress-relieving installation days.

virtual design with sfd

This is our lightest offering. This is for you if you would like to collaborate with a designer to put together the vision of your home and you are fully committed to purchasing, executing and installing everything on your own.



option 3

option 4

There are four different ways to work with SFD.  Read below to see what might be best for you.

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