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Meet Susanne

Susanne, founder and CEO of her firm Susanne Fox Design, specializes in bringing sophisticated, artful luxury residential interior design to busy and accomplished New York City professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs through a full-service approach. Assembling a professionally curated team of exclusive industry partners for each project, Susanne’s clients appreciate her innate abilities serving as liaison, representative, trusted advisor and design advocate to her clients throughout the project’s process.


“It’s been such a pleasure working with Susanne....  She carefully kept track of every item and every step in the process. It was so easy to compare our charts. She was very communicative and easy to reach. I live a busy life and move around a lot but we were able to pull off the project. She has now created a place I love coming home to.”


"Susanne has a talented team of vendors/contractors which she seamlessly worked with. We live on the west coast and this apartment is a second home, therefore it was necessary to have great communication skills and keep us updated on our project. She is professional, knowledgeable, organized, detail oriented.."

trusted advisor

My home was an important investment for me ...she was incredibly helpful and intentional in curating the decorative selections within the space as well as making smart improvements to the interior architectural details. Because of our work together, after just a few years living there, I was able to sell my home at a much greater value than I first purchased it.” 

– Ellen + Richard

- kareN

- helene